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Bringing Love and Forgiveness to a Relationship Challenge

Most of us have experienced a time when we had a challenge that caused great disharmony in a relationship. It could have been a challenge with a life partner, a friend, a brother or sister or a colleague. A few days ago, I was chatting to a friend who shared that there had been a disagreement with a loved one. He expressed his deep appreciation for his loved one but that somehow they had a disagreement that was causing great disharmony between them, to the extent that he was uncertain how to transform the situation or how to move forward together. 

I shared with my friend, that at times, when we have a challenge with someone who is close to us, their reaction could seem quite extreme for what may appear to be a minor issue. The reason for this is that often, we have a history with each other that influences the way that we react to the current situation. Our reaction could be more about our history with each other: about how we may have hurt each other whether intentionally or unintent…