Celebrating the Feminine Divine

In South Africa, on 9 August, we celebrate National Women’s Day and commemorate the day in 1956 when more than 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest carrying a pass that restricted their movement and was a marker for separation during the times of apartheid. 
Today, we can celebrate all that women have contributed to society as mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, as leaders, healers and more. Women outnumber men throughout the world, but in many organisations and positions of power women are under-represented and feminine qualities such as the loving, nurturing, forgiving, compassionate are often seen as a weakness rather than a strength. 
How can we celebrate all that women and men contribute together? How can we balance yin (feminine) and yang (masculine)? Within each one of us we have yin and yang and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the key to healing is to balance yin and yang.
Here is a message from the Divine on Celebrating the Feminine Divin…

New Beginnings: The Joy of Letting Go...

Dear Ones,

Over the past week, I have been reminded that to truly allow more love into our lives, we need to let go of that which no longer serves us. Whenever we are about to receive a blessing from Heaven, we often hear the guidance 'Open your heart and soul to receive'. You may wonder, how do I do that? As I was preparing to receive a blessing, I heard the message from Heaven, ''Just let go", I thought that I was opening my heart and soul to receive the blessing, but I couldn't have been opening my heart and soul enough because, I heard the same message again ''Just let go". Then I felt a huge opening, received so much light through the blessing and felt such relief, as though I was being washed clean.

To let go, is to surrender. To let go is to have greater humility. To let go is to acknowledge that we can only see a small part of the whole and that Heaven sees much more than we do, and understands much more than we do. As we let go, as we surre…

Help Spread Happiness with Love Peace and Harmony

Dear Ones,
My greatest love to you all. Chanting Love Peace and Harmony, brings happiness and joy to my heart and soul. You may also have experienced similar happiness and joy. You may have experienced other ways that Love Peace and Harmony has healed and transformed your life. It would be wonderful if everyone could have these experiences of happiness, joy, healing and transformation. Every time I chant and share Love Peace and Harmony, I am humbled by the power, and blessings of this Divine Soul Song: 
I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace and harmony
Love, peace and harmony

Last night in my meditation group, we were chanting Love Peace and Harmony with a focus on water, which is an essential part of our lives and for Mother Earth. We invited all the bodies of water, all the streams, the rivers, the lakes, the oceans to chant with us. We invited all the water molecules in the clouds, in all rain droplets, in the snow, in the ice caps, as we…

Abundance of Unconditional Love

Dear Ones,
My greatest love to you. In this month of February, where love is celebrated all around the world, I am honoured to connect with the Soul of Da Ai, which means 'Greatest Love' in Chinese, to request a message. The Soul of Da Ai is a beautiful saint with unconditional love for everyone and everything.
Her message is:
My Most Beloved Ones,
This is the Soul of Da Ai (''Greatest Love'') speaking. I am honoured to connect with each of you. I offer you my greatest love, my highest love. Love melts all blockages and transforms all life. Love is the essence of who you are. Every single one of you was created from the purest love, the purest light, without exception. 
If you feel somewhere in your heart that you are not worthy of unconditional love then this will be reflected back at you. It will reflect as an unkind word from another. It will reflect as a feeling of being rejected by another. Whenever this shows up in your life, look deep within your heart and…

Gratitude for All Our Blessings

Dear Ones,
As many around the world celebrate Thanksgiving today, we can take a moment and remember all that we have to be grateful for.
When we wake up in the morning, we can be grateful for the gift of being alive. For myself, I am deeply grateful to be living in one of the most beautiful places on Mother Earth. I am grateful for the gift of sight: grateful to be able to see the magnificent mountain, the blue sky,  the crashing of the waves on the ocean, the sunshine reflected off the water. I am grateful to be able to feel the wind blow through my hair and to see clouds rolling down over the mountain with seagulls overhead. As I look around me, I see so much to be grateful for.
I am so incredibly grateful to have met my spiritual father and teacher, Master Sha in this lifetime. I remember my life before Master Sha and now it's difficult to describe how much my life has transformed. Master Sha has given me the opportunity to transform many blockages that would otherwise have take…

Building a Love Peace Harmony World Family

Each of us is part of a  family. Some of us have had happy family relationships. Some have had very traumatic and challenging family relationships. Some have had a combination of happy and challenging relationships. 

Our relationships with our family can deeply affect our ability to create a loving, happy family for ourselves. We may have unresolved conflicts, or deep pain that has not healed in some of our closest family relationships with our parents and brothers and sisters. Often our relationships with our parents could affect our ability to have open, loving, honest relationships with our brothers and sisters.

Master Sha teaches:
Transform the soul of a relationship first;
then transformation of the relationship will follow.

When we are able to heal the soul of our family relationships then the transformation of the family relationships will follow. 

Recently, I assisted someone who was having some challenges in their family with their partner and their partner's ability to step in…

Developing a Heart of Service

Dear Ones,

Each of us is on a soul journey, a journey to return to Oneness, to return to the Tao, the Source. This is a journey to go beyond separation. This is a purification journey. In ancient wisdom, this journey is named Xiu Lian, which means purification practice. Xiu Lian means the totality of one's spiritual journey. Purification is to transform all the blockages that prevent us from fully aligning with the Source. The highest form of Xiu Lian is Service Xiu Lian.

My spiritual father and teacher, Master Sha has shared:
'The purpose of life is to serve.I have committed my life to this purpose. Service is my life mission.To serve is to make others healthier and happier.' What does it mean to commit one's life to service? It is a very high level of commitment. It means giving your life to service. The more we serve, the more we are blessed. Over the last few days, my heart has been so touched by the unconditional, selfless service of my beloved spiritual teacher, …