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Becoming a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer

In April/May 2011, I attended my first Tao Retreat with Master Sha in the picturesque mountain resort of Ramsau in the Dachstein mountains of Austria. It was Master Sha's second time offering a Tao Retreat in Ramsau and there were about 200 participants from all over Europe and other parts of the world and a few hundred on webcast. It was spring time in Ramsau, with so many beautiful flowers, clean fresh air and snow-covered mountains surrounding the retreat centre. 

Over the previous year, I had tried a number of times to join one of the Divine Healing Hands workshops in Europe, but for one reason or another it had not been possible. I was living in Cape Town at the time and joining the workshop would mean travelling to Europe as this was the closest location. I had even arranged to travel to Europe a bit earlier before the Tao Retreat, to join one of the Divine Healing Hands workshops in Belgium, but just before the time, that workshop was cancelled. 

I was honoured to be serving …

Bring Love Peace and Harmony to Family Relationships

Many of us may have wonderful relationships with our families but at times we may have experienced challenges within our families relationships. There may have been moments when we had misunderstandings or differences in opinions. For some, there may have been incidents when there was hurt or harm that we caused each other through unpleasant words, thoughts or actions. In some families, there has been such disharmony, pain and suffering caused, that family members have drifted apart and may even have stopped communicating or having physical contact with each other.

Our families are where we first learn about love. Peace begins with each one of us. An important way we can help to create peace in the world is to create peace in all of our relationships including within our families. 

Master Sha's 'total life mission is to transform the soul, heart, mind and body of humanity and all souls in Heaven, Mother Earth, and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes, and enlighten …