Becoming a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer

Springtime in Ramsau, Dachstein, Austria, May 2011
In April/May 2011, I attended my first Tao Retreat with Master Sha in the picturesque mountain resort of Ramsau in the Dachstein mountains of Austria. It was Master Sha's second time offering a Tao Retreat in Ramsau and there were about 200 participants from all over Europe and other parts of the world and a few hundred on webcast. It was spring time in Ramsau, with so many beautiful flowers, clean fresh air and snow-covered mountains surrounding the retreat centre. 

Over the previous year, I had tried a number of times to join one of the Divine Healing Hands workshops in Europe, but for one reason or another it had not been possible. I was living in Cape Town at the time and joining the workshop would mean travelling to Europe as this was the closest location. I had even arranged to travel to Europe a bit earlier before the Tao Retreat, to join one of the Divine Healing Hands workshops in Belgium, but just before the time, that workshop was cancelled. 

I was honoured to be serving in the Audio-Visual team, with Master Sande when suddenly I heard Master Francisco call my name. I had been chosen to receive Divine Healing Hands as a gift. I could not believe that I was chosen to receive this incredible honour as a gift. To receive Divine Healing Hands is to receive the Divine's soul light hands to serve others to heal and transform every aspect of their lives. I received Divine Healing Hands on my right hand and my heart was so moved and touched by the Divine's generosity to have this tremendous honour to enable me to serve others in a special way. 

Master Sha teaches 'The purpose of life is to serve'. Immediately after receiving Divine Healing Hands, Master Francisco asked me to serve, to offer a soul healing blessing to everyone at the retreat and those who were participating via webcast around the world. As I held up my right hand, I could feel healing energy flowing through my hand out to everyone in the room and on the webcast. I could also feel that I was receiving a healing blessing. I had not made a request for myself, but the Divine and Heaven's generosity is beyond words. When we serve others, we receive blessings ourselves. Master Sha teaches that Service Xiu Lian is the best Xiu Lian method. 'Xiu Lian' means the purification practice. 'Xiu Lian' is the totality of your spiritual journey. To serve is to make others healthier and happier. 

To receive Divine Healing Hands is to make a commitment to serve others to become healthier and happier. It is an honour that only a few saints in history have had in previous eras. We are in a special transition time, where there is a great need for healing and transformation, therefore this honour is being offered to thousands. If you would like to experience the power of Divine Healing Hands, join the upcoming Soul Healing Evenings with Divine Healing Hands and Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Training in Cape Town: (for other parts of the world)

To learn more about the power of Divine Healing Hands and many soul healing miracles that have been created through Divine Healing Hands watch the video below:

If you feel in your heart and soul, that you would like to have this honour to serve in a special way, and would like to apply to become a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer or to receive further information on upcoming Divine Healing Hands events email:

It would be my honour to serve you further with Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing blessings and upcoming Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Training workshops.

With love and light



  1. Dear Lenore,

    I will never forget meeting you 2011 in Ramsau. And the moment you were chosen as a Demo. I vividly remember how I thought:" South Africa is so blessed! " And indeed it is!

    Sending you love and light from Germany!

  2. Dear Nina,

    Thank you so much for your love. It was so wonderful meeting you in Ramsau at that Tao Retreat in 2011. I am so honoured to serve here in South Africa and I feel so connected to my soul family in Germany.

    Much love and light from Cape Town


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