Abundance of Unconditional Love

Tree of Hearts by Carl Burns

Dear Ones,

My greatest love to you. In this month of February, where love is celebrated all around the world, I am honoured to connect with the Soul of Da Ai, which means 'Greatest Love' in Chinese, to request a message. The Soul of Da Ai is a beautiful saint with unconditional love for everyone and everything.

Her message is:
My Most Beloved Ones,

This is the Soul of Da Ai (''Greatest Love'') speaking. I am honoured to connect with each of you. I offer you my greatest love, my highest love. Love melts all blockages and transforms all life. Love is the essence of who you are. Every single one of you was created from the purest love, the purest light, without exception. 

If you feel somewhere in your heart that you are not worthy of unconditional love then this will be reflected back at you. It will reflect as an unkind word from another. It will reflect as a feeling of being rejected by another. Whenever this shows up in your life, look deep within your heart and ask: 
     Where am I offering unkind words to myself or unkind thoughts to myself? 
     Where am I rejecting aspects of myself? 
     How can I embrace all of me in love and light?

When you ask these questions, your heart will open to yourself. To open your heart to yourself is one of the greatest acts of unconditional love. To open your heart to yourself is to accept and love yourself exactly as you are in this moment, without needing to change or improve anything. 

I love you exactly as you are in this moment. You do not need to do or become anything or anyone other than who you are in this moment to be unconditionally loved. You are loved by the Source unconditionally. I love you unconditionally

Embrace yourself, love yourself as I love you, without expectation, without conditions. When you are able to fall in love with you, you will see love all around you in every moment. Your experience of life will be an experience of love. As your heart opens to unconditional love for yourself, your heart will open to the universe and the abundance of love that awaits you.

You are loved,
You are blessed,
Your Unconditional Servant,
Da Ai'

Hao! Hao! Hao!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you to the Soul of Da Ai for this beautiful message. May we all have unconditional love for ourselves and connect with the abundance of love that the Source has to offer. As we have unconditional love for ourselves, we will be able to share unconditional love with everyone and everything and our life experience will be one of love. 

I welcome all your sharing of your experiences with Da Ai
Please post if you would like to receive a blessing of Da Ai.  

With greatest love

Master Lenore


  1. Dearest Master Lenore, dearest soul of Da Ai. I am deeply grateful to hear this message again. I also received it through several teachers, in flows, in person... But at the end, I have to open to really believe and receive. I appologize for still closing my heart in fear to be harmed or hurted, in fear to be vulnarable if I open for love. I would be so grateful to receive a Da Ai blessing in order to be able to give others even more love - like I want to give it myself. Send you much gratitude and more...With love from Berlin, Tatjana

  2. Dear Beloved Tatjana,
    Thank you for sharing from your heart. A blessing of Da Ai has been offered to you to open your heart further to love for yourself and to receive love from the Divine, Tao and Source. Believe in the power of Da Ai to assist you to heal any blockages you may be experiencing in opening your heart to loving yourself. Chant Da Ai. Trace Da Ai. Become Da Ai. When we are able to love ourselves more, we are able to love others even more.
    With greatest love
    Master Lenore


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