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Abundance of Unconditional Love

Dear Ones,
My greatest love to you. In this month of February, where love is celebrated all around the world, I am honoured to connect with the Soul of Da Ai, which means 'Greatest Love' in Chinese, to request a message. The Soul of Da Ai is a beautiful saint with unconditional love for everyone and everything.
Her message is:
My Most Beloved Ones,
This is the Soul of Da Ai (''Greatest Love'') speaking. I am honoured to connect with each of you. I offer you my greatest love, my highest love. Love melts all blockages and transforms all life. Love is the essence of who you are. Every single one of you was created from the purest love, the purest light, without exception. 
If you feel somewhere in your heart that you are not worthy of unconditional love then this will be reflected back at you. It will reflect as an unkind word from another. It will reflect as a feeling of being rejected by another. Whenever this shows up in your life, look deep within your heart and…