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When You Believe in Yourself

Dear Ones,

Believing in ourselves is sometimes one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome on our spiritual journey. Often we find it easier to believe in others, to believe in the Divine, Tao and Source, than it is for us to believe in ourselves. Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever felt that you could believe in wonderful possibilities for others but not really for yourself?  Have you ever felt that you were not worthy of great love and abundance in your life? Have you ever felt that a smooth and harmonious life was possible for others, but not really for you?

For myself, I have found it difficult to truly believe in myself. One day, I was in a bookshop and I picked up a beautiful notebook and the title on the cover was 'Believe in Yourself'. It took me about 4 years to be able to open this notebook to even write in it. Above is the picture of the cover of this notebook. Somehow, I often felt that many blessings and opportunities were for others and not for me. …