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Message from Mother Earth on Mother's Day

Dear Ones, 

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers around the world, to all those who have been mothers in any lifetime and all those who offer Mother's Love to others. Many of us may not be mothers in this lifetime, but we may have been mothers in other lifetimes. In this lifetime, we may be in a position where we hold others in our hearts, as a mother holds a child in their hearts. This is the Mother's Love that each of us can develop and express for others, a Mother's Unconditional Love for each and everyone whom we meet. 

This is the message that I received from Mother Earth on Mother's Day:

'My dear beloved ones,
This is the Soul of Mother Earth speaking. I love you all and I am honoured to offer a message on Mother's Love on this Mother's Day. 

A Mother's Love is a very special kind of love. It is unconditional love. It is love without boundary. It is love without expectation. This is my love for each of you, for all humanity, for all nature: all the tr…

Message from The Source on the Nature of Tao Love

Dear Ones, 
I recently received this message from The Source on the Nature of Tao Love (Tao is The Source):
'My dearest most beloved One,
This is The Source speaking. I love you more than words can express. I love everyone equally for this is the nature of Tao Love, to love everyone and everything equally.
To love everyone and everything equally and to offer equal opportunities to each one is the nature of Tao. Love from the Tao has no boundaries. It has no beginning and no end. It simply is.
Many people hold those who are close to them in their hearts: their parents, their children, their spouses. The Tao, The Source, holds everyone in The Source's heart. Each and every one is held tenderly in the heart of The Source. This is the nature of love from The Source. It does not matter if you are family or not, for we are all family to The Source. It does not matter whether one is deemed to be 'good' or 'bad', selfish, greedy, competitive, or how much unpleasant servic…