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Gratitude for All Our Blessings

Dear Ones,
As many around the world celebrate Thanksgiving today, we can take a moment and remember all that we have to be grateful for.
When we wake up in the morning, we can be grateful for the gift of being alive. For myself, I am deeply grateful to be living in one of the most beautiful places on Mother Earth. I am grateful for the gift of sight: grateful to be able to see the magnificent mountain, the blue sky,  the crashing of the waves on the ocean, the sunshine reflected off the water. I am grateful to be able to feel the wind blow through my hair and to see clouds rolling down over the mountain with seagulls overhead. As I look around me, I see so much to be grateful for.
I am so incredibly grateful to have met my spiritual father and teacher, Master Sha in this lifetime. I remember my life before Master Sha and now it's difficult to describe how much my life has transformed. Master Sha has given me the opportunity to transform many blockages that would otherwise have take…

Building a Love Peace Harmony World Family

Each of us is part of a  family. Some of us have had happy family relationships. Some have had very traumatic and challenging family relationships. Some have had a combination of happy and challenging relationships. 

Our relationships with our family can deeply affect our ability to create a loving, happy family for ourselves. We may have unresolved conflicts, or deep pain that has not healed in some of our closest family relationships with our parents and brothers and sisters. Often our relationships with our parents could affect our ability to have open, loving, honest relationships with our brothers and sisters.

Master Sha teaches:
Transform the soul of a relationship first;
then transformation of the relationship will follow.

When we are able to heal the soul of our family relationships then the transformation of the family relationships will follow. 

Recently, I assisted someone who was having some challenges in their family with their partner and their partner's ability to step in…