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Message from The Source on the Significance of Heart Enlightenment

Dear Ones,

I was honoured to attend the Divine Channel Training Retreat with Master Sha in Bad Homburg, Germany from 14-19 October. At this Retreat, Master Sha offered Heaven's Heart Enlightenment Order for the first time. Master Sha teaches, soul is the essence of life, heart is the core. I was so honoured to have received this amazing Heart Enlightenment Order. 

This is the message I received from The Source on the Significance of Heart Enlightenment:

'Hao! My Dear Beloved One,
This is the The Source speaking. 
I love you dearly my dear one, more than words can express. It is out of my greatest love, my highest love that I offered heart enlightenment to my beloved Divine Channels and Divine Channels in Training. This has never been offered before in all history and at no time has so much virtue been offered in one enlightenment order. I want you to understand my heart. My heart wants to give you everything. All that I can give you, because I know that you need it. I know that if …