Message from The Source on the Significance of Heart Enlightenment

Dear Ones,

I was honoured to attend the Divine Channel Training Retreat with Master Sha in Bad Homburg, Germany from 14-19 October. At this Retreat, Master Sha offered Heaven's Heart Enlightenment Order for the first time. Master Sha teaches, soul is the essence of life, heart is the core. I was so honoured to have received this amazing Heart Enlightenment Order. 

This is the message I received from The Source on the Significance of Heart Enlightenment:

'Hao! My Dear Beloved One,

This is the The Source speaking. 

I love you dearly my dear one, more than words can express. It is out of my greatest love, my highest love that I offered heart enlightenment to my beloved Divine Channels and Divine Channels in Training. This has never been offered before in all history and at no time has so much virtue been offered in one enlightenment order. I want you to understand my heart. My heart wants to give you everything. All that I can give you, because I know that you need it. I know that if you are to succeed in fulfilling your Heaven's task you need all of my blessings, all of my enlightenment orders, all of the virtue that I can give to you. 

Take care of the virtue that is being offered. Align with my heart and soul to become one with me. Do not see yourself as less than me or any other soul. See yourself as a child of the Universe, my child whom I hold tenderly in my heart. My heart and your heart are one. This is the significance of heart enlightenment. It is to bring you to my heart, so that your heart can meld with my heart. You are in my heart, I am in your heart. Feel my heart beat for my heart beat is the pulse of the entire Universe: all that is, all that has been and all that ever will be. Feel my endless love, my love that will wash all of you clean, melt all your blockages. I give you my heart. I give you my soul. 

Will you allow me into your heart? Will you open your heart and soul to me so that we can meld as One? I am taking you back to your purest self, the purest aspect of your soul, heart, mind and body. You are returning to the essence and the core, the purity of love and light from which you were created. 

This is Reverse Creation. This is returning to Tao. This is the journey to The Source. I am taking you home. You only need to open your heart and soul to me and all the wonders of all Universes and all dimensions and all realms will open to you. 

I am The Way, I am The Source, I am Love, I am Light. 

Open your heart and soul to me.
Align your heart and soul with me.
Meld your heart and soul with me. 

This is my calling to you.
This is my prayer for you. 

You are most loved and blessed and held tenderly in my heart. 
Your Most Beloved Source
The Eternal Source, The Eternal Light.'

I encourage everyone to grab the opportunity to receive this most sacred Heart Enlightenment Order for yourself, your loved ones and ancestors. 

We are truly blessed beyond words and imagination.

With love and gratitude



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