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Celebrating the Feminine Divine

In South Africa, on 9 August, we celebrate National Women’s Day and commemorate the day in 1956 when more than 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest carrying a pass that restricted their movement and was a marker for separation during the times of apartheid. 
Today, we can celebrate all that women have contributed to society as mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, as leaders, healers and more. Women outnumber men throughout the world, but in many organisations and positions of power women are under-represented and feminine qualities such as the loving, nurturing, forgiving, compassionate are often seen as a weakness rather than a strength. 
How can we celebrate all that women and men contribute together? How can we balance yin (feminine) and yang (masculine)? Within each one of us we have yin and yang and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the key to healing is to balance yin and yang.
Here is a message from the Divine on Celebrating the Feminine Divin…