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Gratitude for All Our Blessings

Dear Ones,
As many around the world celebrate Thanksgiving today, we can take a moment and remember all that we have to be grateful for.
When we wake up in the morning, we can be grateful for the gift of being alive. For myself, I am deeply grateful to be living in one of the most beautiful places on Mother Earth. I am grateful for the gift of sight: grateful to be able to see the magnificent mountain, the blue sky,  the crashing of the waves on the ocean, the sunshine reflected off the water. I am grateful to be able to feel the wind blow through my hair and to see clouds rolling down over the mountain with seagulls overhead. As I look around me, I see so much to be grateful for.
I am so incredibly grateful to have met my spiritual father and teacher, Master Sha in this lifetime. I remember my life before Master Sha and now it's difficult to describe how much my life has transformed. Master Sha has given me the opportunity to transform many blockages that would otherwise have take…

Building a Love Peace Harmony World Family

Each of us is part of a  family. Some of us have had happy family relationships. Some have had very traumatic and challenging family relationships. Some have had a combination of happy and challenging relationships. 

Our relationships with our family can deeply affect our ability to create a loving, happy family for ourselves. We may have unresolved conflicts, or deep pain that has not healed in some of our closest family relationships with our parents and brothers and sisters. Often our relationships with our parents could affect our ability to have open, loving, honest relationships with our brothers and sisters.

Master Sha teaches:
Transform the soul of a relationship first;
then transformation of the relationship will follow.

When we are able to heal the soul of our family relationships then the transformation of the family relationships will follow. 

Recently, I assisted someone who was having some challenges in their family with their partner and their partner's ability to step in…

Developing a Heart of Service

Dear Ones,

Each of us is on a soul journey, a journey to return to Oneness, to return to the Tao, the Source. This is a journey to go beyond separation. This is a purification journey. In ancient wisdom, this journey is named Xiu Lian, which means purification practice. Xiu Lian means the totality of one's spiritual journey. Purification is to transform all the blockages that prevent us from fully aligning with the Source. The highest form of Xiu Lian is Service Xiu Lian.

My spiritual father and teacher, Master Sha has shared:
'The purpose of life is to serve.I have committed my life to this purpose. Service is my life mission.To serve is to make others healthier and happier.' What does it mean to commit one's life to service? It is a very high level of commitment. It means giving your life to service. The more we serve, the more we are blessed. Over the last few days, my heart has been so touched by the unconditional, selfless service of my beloved spiritual teacher, …

Having Greater Compassion for Ourselves

Dear Ones,

Over the last few days, I have realised more that one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, is to open our hearts to ourselves, to have greater compassion for ourselves. Many of us have been through many painful experiences in life including difficult childhoods and this has deeply affected our lives as adults. There may have been times when the experiences were so painful that we closed our hearts, not only to ourselves, but also to the Divine, the Tao and the Source. There may even have been times when we stopped believing in love, we could have stopped trusting in love. This lack of trust in ourselves and in life could affect us profoundly. When our hearts close then we are cut off from the source of nourishment, from our source of love from the Divine, the Tao and the Source. When we close our hearts to ourselves, then we separate from our own beloved soul. In order to trust again, we need to have great compassion for ourselves. As we have compassion for ourselves…

Who Can You Make Peace With Today?

Dear Ones,

On Monday 21 September, we celebrated International Day of Peace, a day calling for cease-fire in all the war-torn areas of the world. There was a World Peace Weekend from 19-21 September, and a global movement where thousands around the world were meditating, chanting, marching, singing to bring more peace to humanity and Mother Earth.

It is so wonderful to come together to remember that peace is possible in the world. Peace begins of each one of us. Today, and every day, I invite you to ask yourself, 'Who can I make peace with today?' Is there someone that I need to forgive? Is there someone who has hurt my heart, where I am still feeling the pain?

Forgiveness is a process of releasing and letting go. It is a process of allowing the pain to surface so that it can be released. Sometimes the pain has been so great, that we have buried it in the depths of our subconscious. When the root cause of the pain comes to our conscious awareness, then we may feel many emotio…

Starting Afresh with Gratitude

It is springtime here in Cape Town with flowers blossoming all around in vibrant colours: bright pink, yellow, white, purple and more. It is as though Mother Nature has laid down a carpet of colour everywhere you look. Trees that have been bare through our winter are starting to show new shoots and the promise of green leaves. It is a time of renewal, of rebirth.

In the same way, we can start every day and every moment with the same newness if we apply gratitude. Gratitude has a high frequency and vibration. Gratitude has the power to uplift us out of the most painful and challenging situations if we are able to stop, take a moment and look at the situation afresh. When we ask ourselves, 'What is the gift in this situation?', 'How is this helping me to grow?' If we approach any moment with this perspective, then everything becomes a gift. The more gratitude we have in our hearts, the more our hearts can open to offering and receiving love and more to be grateful for. A…

When You Believe in Yourself

Dear Ones,

Believing in ourselves is sometimes one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome on our spiritual journey. Often we find it easier to believe in others, to believe in the Divine, Tao and Source, than it is for us to believe in ourselves. Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever felt that you could believe in wonderful possibilities for others but not really for yourself?  Have you ever felt that you were not worthy of great love and abundance in your life? Have you ever felt that a smooth and harmonious life was possible for others, but not really for you?

For myself, I have found it difficult to truly believe in myself. One day, I was in a bookshop and I picked up a beautiful notebook and the title on the cover was 'Believe in Yourself'. It took me about 4 years to be able to open this notebook to even write in it. Above is the picture of the cover of this notebook. Somehow, I often felt that many blessings and opportunities were for others and not for me. …

Becoming Messengers for Love

Everyone is seeking love. We all come from love and we all want to return to love. Love is the essence of who we are. In my teacher, Master Sha's words: 'Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.' Each one of us is like a pebble thrown on to a still pond and what we offer to the world is what ripples out to everyone whose life we touch. What is the message that we are offering from our hearts? Are we offering love? Are we in the condition of love? Each one of us can become a Messenger for Love, to bring love to every person we meet, every situation we encounter. If everyone can be in this condition, then all of our lives could change dramatically. We could have a much more peaceful world. Whatever we offer in life, is blessed, multiplied and returned. The more we are able to offer love, the more love will be returned to us. This is the invitation that I received from the Source and that everyone can apply in their lives: My most Beloved One, This is Source speaking. …

Healing Our Relationships with Our Mothers

Dear Ones,

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed in my own experience that many friends and family members are experiencing challenges in their relationships between mother and daughter. For some new mothers, they have come to realise when they have their own children, they experience challenges with their children because they need to heal their relationship with their mother. Once this relationship is healed, their relationship with their own daughters or sons can be healed. For others who may not be mothers, they could experience challenges in their family relationships or with their partners if their relationship with their mother is not healed. 

Life gives us so many opportunities to heal. If we can view every challenge that we encounter as an opportunity to heal then we will move through many challenges much more smoothly. Many of us have not realised how much pain we have been carrying in our hearts until life presents us with an opportunity to heal.

The following is a message f…

Message from Mother Earth on Mother's Day

Dear Ones, 

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers around the world, to all those who have been mothers in any lifetime and all those who offer Mother's Love to others. Many of us may not be mothers in this lifetime, but we may have been mothers in other lifetimes. In this lifetime, we may be in a position where we hold others in our hearts, as a mother holds a child in their hearts. This is the Mother's Love that each of us can develop and express for others, a Mother's Unconditional Love for each and everyone whom we meet. 

This is the message that I received from Mother Earth on Mother's Day:

'My dear beloved ones,
This is the Soul of Mother Earth speaking. I love you all and I am honoured to offer a message on Mother's Love on this Mother's Day. 

A Mother's Love is a very special kind of love. It is unconditional love. It is love without boundary. It is love without expectation. This is my love for each of you, for all humanity, for all nature: all the tr…

Message from The Source on the Nature of Tao Love

Dear Ones, 
I recently received this message from The Source on the Nature of Tao Love (Tao is The Source):
'My dearest most beloved One,
This is The Source speaking. I love you more than words can express. I love everyone equally for this is the nature of Tao Love, to love everyone and everything equally.
To love everyone and everything equally and to offer equal opportunities to each one is the nature of Tao. Love from the Tao has no boundaries. It has no beginning and no end. It simply is.
Many people hold those who are close to them in their hearts: their parents, their children, their spouses. The Tao, The Source, holds everyone in The Source's heart. Each and every one is held tenderly in the heart of The Source. This is the nature of love from The Source. It does not matter if you are family or not, for we are all family to The Source. It does not matter whether one is deemed to be 'good' or 'bad', selfish, greedy, competitive, or how much unpleasant servic…

Message from The Source on Unconditional Love

For the month of February, people around the world are focussed on love. Many people are searching for love. Love in their relationships with others, with their partners, their spouses, their friends, their colleagues and more. Many search for love outside of themselves. Many are searching for unconditional love (Da Ai - greatest love or highest love in Chinese). Today, I share a message that I received from The Source on Unconditional Love:

Hao! My most Beloved One, 
This is The Source speaking. I am honoured to offer a message on unconditional love. 

Unconditional love is the origin of everyone and everything. It is the love from which all originates. Unconditional love means love without boundary, love without ending. It is like an ocean without a shore. If your eyes could see to the furthest horizon, you would still not see the ending of unconditional love. 

Unconditional love means a love that is boundless and free. It has no attachments, no expectations, no conditions. It simply is.…