Who Can You Make Peace With Today?

Dear Ones,

On Monday 21 September, we celebrated International Day of Peace, a day calling for cease-fire in all the war-torn areas of the world. There was a World Peace Weekend from 19-21 September, and a global movement where thousands around the world were meditating, chanting, marching, singing to bring more peace to humanity and Mother Earth.

It is so wonderful to come together to remember that peace is possible in the world. Peace begins of each one of us. Today, and every day, I invite you to ask yourself, 'Who can I make peace with today?' Is there someone that I need to forgive? Is there someone who has hurt my heart, where I am still feeling the pain?

Forgiveness is a process of releasing and letting go. It is a process of allowing the pain to surface so that it can be released. Sometimes the pain has been so great, that we have buried it in the depths of our subconscious. When the root cause of the pain comes to our conscious awareness, then we may feel many emotions. We could feel anger, fear, sadness, grief, and more. It is important to be very gentle with ourselves as we go through this process and to keep in our awareness that we are willing to let the pain go. We can tell ourselves that are willing to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. We can ask for blessings from our spiritual fathers and mothers to help us to release the pain and to come to a place of forgiveness. We can chant Love, Peace and Harmony.

As we are able to ask for and offer forgiveness, so many burdens can be lifted from our heart and our entire being. When we are able to forgive and ask for forgiveness, then we can find peace in our hearts. We could find the joy that we have been longing for so long. Master Sha teaches that 'Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace.'

The Divine has this message to offer on the significance of letting go of pain:

"My dear beloved sons and daughters,
This is the Divine speaking. I love each of you and I have held you through many painful moments in your lives. Some of you have buried your pain very deeply and have your closed your hearts to protect your hearts. In the process, you have closed your hearts to me. You feel separate from me. You wonder why you are not able to find or experience the love that long for. When you are willing to let go of your pain, then your heart can open again. As your heart opens, I will offer my love and forgiveness to help your heart heal, so that your heart can feel whole again. My love and forgiveness will heal the separation between us, so that we can connect heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul. My love for you is unconditional. My forgiveness for you is unconditional. Hand over your pain and your burdens to me. I will heal you, uplift you and carry you to higher ground, where you will discover many gifts and abilities that have been hidden beneath your pain. Your pain and your closed heart are preventing you from realising how magnificent you are. 

I love you unconditionally. 
I forgive you unconditionally. 
Love yourself, as I love you. 
Forgive yourself, as I have forgiven you. 
Forgive others as you have been forgiven. 
The more you forgive, the more you are able to receive forgiveness. 

You are so loved and blessed. 
Your Beloved Divine

Thank you Divine. Thank you all layers of Heaven.

Forgiveness Practice:

Body Power:
Place one hand on your heart and the other on your lower abdomen.

Soul Power:
Dear soul, mind and body of _________(name the person whom you would like to make peace with),
I love you, honour you and appreciate you. 
Please forgive me and my ancestors for any hurt or harm that we caused you in any lifetime. We are truly sorry and humbly ask your forgiveness. We know that in order to be forgiven that we must serve. We will chant, we will serve unconditionally. 

We offer you and your ancestors our unconditional forgiveness for any hurt or harm that you caused us in any lifetime. We release you from any debts towards us. Please open your hearts and souls to accept our forgiveness. 

I forgive myself unconditionally for any mistakes that I have made to cause harm to myself or others. 

Dear Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball, 
Please bless our relationships so that we can forgive each other unconditionally. Please bless us to release the pain and suffering between us, so that we may enjoy inner joy and inner peace. 
We are extremely grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Mind Power:
Visualise yourself sitting on a beautiful lotus and around you in a golden circle of light your ancestors and the person whom you invited for the forgiveness practice and their ancestors. Visualise the Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball coming down from Heaven and shining rainbow light on all the souls gathered for this forgiveness practice. 

Sound Power:
Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball
Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball
Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball
Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball
Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball

Continue for 10-15 minutes, the longer the better. If you could do this simple practice every day and make peace with the same person or a new person, many aspects of your life could transform. 

I hope that every reader is able to offer and receive forgiveness to release so many painful burdens and to find inner joy and inner peace. I welcome your comments and experiences.

With greatest love

Master Lenore


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