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Who Can You Make Peace With Today?

Dear Ones,

On Monday 21 September, we celebrated International Day of Peace, a day calling for cease-fire in all the war-torn areas of the world. There was a World Peace Weekend from 19-21 September, and a global movement where thousands around the world were meditating, chanting, marching, singing to bring more peace to humanity and Mother Earth.

It is so wonderful to come together to remember that peace is possible in the world. Peace begins of each one of us. Today, and every day, I invite you to ask yourself, 'Who can I make peace with today?' Is there someone that I need to forgive? Is there someone who has hurt my heart, where I am still feeling the pain?

Forgiveness is a process of releasing and letting go. It is a process of allowing the pain to surface so that it can be released. Sometimes the pain has been so great, that we have buried it in the depths of our subconscious. When the root cause of the pain comes to our conscious awareness, then we may feel many emotio…

Starting Afresh with Gratitude

It is springtime here in Cape Town with flowers blossoming all around in vibrant colours: bright pink, yellow, white, purple and more. It is as though Mother Nature has laid down a carpet of colour everywhere you look. Trees that have been bare through our winter are starting to show new shoots and the promise of green leaves. It is a time of renewal, of rebirth.

In the same way, we can start every day and every moment with the same newness if we apply gratitude. Gratitude has a high frequency and vibration. Gratitude has the power to uplift us out of the most painful and challenging situations if we are able to stop, take a moment and look at the situation afresh. When we ask ourselves, 'What is the gift in this situation?', 'How is this helping me to grow?' If we approach any moment with this perspective, then everything becomes a gift. The more gratitude we have in our hearts, the more our hearts can open to offering and receiving love and more to be grateful for. A…