Developing a Heart of Service

Dear Ones,

Each of us is on a soul journey, a journey to return to Oneness, to return to the Tao, the Source. This is a journey to go beyond separation. This is a purification journey. In ancient wisdom, this journey is named Xiu Lian, which means purification practice. Xiu Lian means the totality of one's spiritual journey. Purification is to transform all the blockages that prevent us from fully aligning with the Source. The highest form of Xiu Lian is Service Xiu Lian.

My spiritual father and teacher, Master Sha has shared:
'The purpose of life is to serve.I have committed my life to this purpose. Service is my life mission.To serve is to make others healthier and happier.'
What does it mean to commit one's life to service? It is a very high level of commitment. It means giving your life to service. The more we serve, the more we are blessed. Over the last few days, my heart has been so touched by the unconditional, selfless service of my beloved spiritual teacher, Master Sha. He is such an amazing example of unconditional universal service with the purest heart of service with so much love and compassion for all.

How can each of us develop a heart of service? Guan Yin, the Buddha of Compassion, known as Ling Hui Sheng Shi in this era, would like to offer a teaching on developing a heart of service:

'My most beloved ones,

This is Ling Hui Sheng Shi, I am honoured to connect with all of you. I have given my life and my many lifetimes for service. I have served through rain and shine. I have served over one million lifetimes. To develop a heart of service means that in every moment, the question to ask yourself is, 'How may I serve?' You may be serving a beloved soul whom you see is in trouble or in pain. You may encounter a beloved one as you are walking on the street and by simply smiling, you are serving, you are bringing more love and light to that beloved soul.

When you focus on serving others, automatically your own pain and suffering is relieved. You develop more joy in your heart and soul. Service Xiu Lian is the most rewarding and uplifting Xiu Lian. As you serve many other souls, through meditation, through chanting, through offering blessings and much more, you are able to remove your ego. The more selfless service you are able to offer, the higher the purity of your service. When you are truly serving without expectation of receiving anything in return, this is when your heart opens more. You realise that the act of service is the greatest gift. It is not a gift to another, the gift is for you. You may think that they are receiving the greatest gift when you serve them, but in fact it is you who are most blessed. Heaven records all your service. The less recognition you receive for any service, the higher that service is regarded in Heaven, the more virtue you receive. Virtue is Heaven's currency that can bless every aspect of your life. Virtue goes to repay your spiritual debt to other souls. Virtue goes towards transforming blockages.

A heart of Service Xiu Lian is the purest heart that you can develop, because it is a heart that wants to serve unconditionally, without expectation, without thinking of any reward. This is purest form of service. When your heart is aligned with service in this way, then you would have left your ego behind, because every thought, every word, every action would be focussed on selfless service, not on yourself. When you have developed the purity of your heart in this way, then you will align with all layers of Heaven. You will align with the highest Source. You will be blessed and uplifted beyond your comprehension and imagination.'

Hao! Hao! Hao!

Thank you Beloved Ling Hui Sheng Shi for this beautiful, heart-touching message. It is my honour to serve with all of you. May we all develop a heart of the purest, selfless service. I welcome everyone's sharing and experiences. Each person who comments on this post will receive a blessing.

With love and gratitude

Master Lenore


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