Becoming Messengers for Love

Davide Restivo from Aarau, Switzerland

Everyone is seeking love. We all come from love and we all want to return to love. Love is the essence of who we are. In my teacher, Master Sha's words: 'Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.' Each one of us is like a pebble thrown on to a still pond and what we offer to the world is what ripples out to everyone whose life we touch. What is the message that we are offering from our hearts? Are we offering love? Are we in the condition of love? Each one of us can become a Messenger for Love, to bring love to every person we meet, every situation we encounter. If everyone can be in this condition, then all of our lives could change dramatically. We could have a much more peaceful world. Whatever we offer in life, is blessed, multiplied and returned. The more we are able to offer love, the more love will be returned to us. This is the invitation that I received from the Source and that everyone can apply in their lives:
My most Beloved One,
This is Source speaking. I love you dearly. I truly want you to feel my love in your heart and soul, all of my love for you. You are my Messenger for Love. It is as simple as that, as profound as that. 
In every moment, offer love. In your every thought, word and action, offer love. This is the essence of my teaching. This is the essence of my service to all humanity and all souls.'
Hao! Hao! Hao! (Hao - means perfect or get well)
Thank you to the Source for this beautiful message. I invite everyone reading this to become a Messenger for Love. Let us offer love to ourselves and others in every moment with our every thought, word and action.
With greatest love
Master Lenore


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