Message from Mother Earth on Mother's Day

Dear Ones, 

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers around the world, to all those who have been mothers in any lifetime and all those who offer Mother's Love to others. Many of us may not be mothers in this lifetime, but we may have been mothers in other lifetimes. In this lifetime, we may be in a position where we hold others in our hearts, as a mother holds a child in their hearts. This is the Mother's Love that each of us can develop and express for others, a Mother's Unconditional Love for each and everyone whom we meet. 

This is the message that I received from Mother Earth on Mother's Day:

'My dear beloved ones,
This is the Soul of Mother Earth speaking. I love you all and I am honoured to offer a message on Mother's Love on this Mother's Day. 

A Mother's Love is a very special kind of love. It is unconditional love. It is love without boundary. It is love without expectation. This is my love for each of you, for all humanity, for all nature: all the trees, the flowers, the birds, the animals, the ocean, the rivers, the streams, all the bees, all insects, all forests and more. My love is a Mother's Love for all of you who call the Earth home. I am Mother to you all and I hold each of you tenderly in my heart. 

Many of you have forgotten me. Many have forgotten that I am a living being. Many of you no longer honour me as your Mother, as the one who gave you life and a place to call home. Many of you pollute my rivers, my streams, my oceans, my lakes, pollute the air, pollute the soil, the water underground and more. There has been so much destruction by humanity. Humanity has disregarded so many of my resources: the metals, the minerals, the water, the air. There has been so much disregard and destruction of the habitats of other living beings by humanity on the Earth. The homes of so many animals, so many insects, so many birds and more have been destroyed. So many of human beings have forgotten that we are all One. You have forgotten that the air that you breathe, as you exhale, is inhaled by another living being. The breath is life. What will you do when you can no longer inhale the air because it is too polluted? When a fish swims in polluted water it will either get sick or die. Humanity has created so much pollution, not only in the physical environment, by through all their negative words and thoughts. This is why so many human beings are ill, are in pain and suffering. 

There is another way. There is a way to connect heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul with one another, to remember that we are One. As you exhale, I inhale. As I exhale, you inhale. We are all interdependent. We are all on a journey to Oneness. I urge each of you to look deeply within your own heart and ask yourself what pollution you have created in your own life and in the lives of others. How have you contributed to the pollution here on the Earth? Send love to all those areas. Send forgiveness to all those areas. 

I love you all. 

I forgive you all. 
I offer you my Mother's Love on this day and every day. 

My hope is that humanity will awaken to the truth. 
We are One.'


Thank you to the Soul of Mother Earth for this beautiful and moving message.

Tian Di Ren He Yi
Master Sha teaches a beautiful practice to help Mother Earth and to bring Oneness, not only in our relationship with Heaven and Mother Earth but within our own bodies. Within us is the small universe and around us is the big universe. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, from the diaphragm upwards to the head is Tian (Heaven), from the diaphragm to the navel is Ren (Human being), from the navel to the bottom of the lower abdomen is Di (Mother Earth). In this practice we will chant a powerful mantra, Tian Di Ren He Yi, which means Heaven, Mother Earth, human being join as one.

Let us do this practice together with the Four Power Techniques:

Body Power: 
(Where you put your hands is where the healing and transformation goes)

Place one hand on your navel and the other on your back directly opposite your navel on your Ming Men, a sacred acupuncture point that connects to every aspect of your life. 'Ming' means life, 'Men' means gate. 

Soul Power: 

(To invoke inner souls, within the body, and outer souls, outside of the body)

Dear Divine, Dear Tao, Dear Heaven, Dear Mother Earth, Dear all humanity,
We love you, honour you and appreciate you. 
Please bless us to open our hearts and souls to unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and Oneness. 

Please forgive me and my ancestors for all our mistakes, from all our lifetimes.

Please forgive us for all the harm and hurt that we caused to Heaven, to Mother Earth and humanity and all souls.

Dear all souls who have ever hurt or harmed me or my ancestors in any lifetime,

We forgive you unconditionally.
Please accept our forgiveness.
Please let us chant together.
Please let us serve together, as appropriate.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Mind Power: (Creative visualisation)
Visualise bright light throughout your whole body. Visualise the whole of Mother Earth surrounded by bright golden light. 

Sound Power: (What you chant is what you become)

I love you,
You love me,
We are One.
We are One.

I forgive you,

You forgive me,
We are One.
We are One.

Tian Di Ren He Yi

Tian Di Ren He Yi
Tian Di Ren He Yi

Tian Di Ren He Yi
Tian Di Ren He Yi
Tian Di Ren He Yi

Tian Di Ren He Yi

Tian Di Ren He Yi
Tian Di Ren He Yi

Continue to chant for 10-15 minutes. 

We close the practice with:

Hao! Hao! Hao!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Gong Song! Gong Song! Gong Song!

Hao means good or perfect in Chinese. Gong Song means 'respectfully return', which is how we ask the souls who joined us for the practise to return to their appropriate place. 

With greatest love

photo credit: Blue Marble via photopin (license)


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