Message from The Source on Unconditional Love

For the month of February, people around the world are focussed on love. Many people are searching for love. Love in their relationships with others, with their partners, their spouses, their friends, their colleagues and more. Many search for love outside of themselves. Many are searching for unconditional love (Da Ai - greatest love or highest love in Chinese). Today, I share a message that I received from The Source on Unconditional Love:

Hao! My most Beloved One, 
This is The Source speaking. I am honoured to offer a message on unconditional love. 

Unconditional love is the origin of everyone and everything. It is the love from which all originates. Unconditional love means love without boundary, love without ending. It is like an ocean without a shore. If your eyes could see to the furthest horizon, you would still not see the ending of unconditional love. 

Unconditional love means a love that is boundless and free. It has no attachments, no expectations, no conditions. It simply is. It does not need a reason for existence. It is existence itself. 

Unconditional love is the love that every soul yearns for. Many are seeking this love outside of themselves. Many do find love outside of themselves but one day, that person places conditions on their love and says 'I will only share my love with you if you do this or that, or behave the way that I want you to behave'. At this moment, love loses its purity. It loses its essence, because that person is saying, 'You are only worthy of my love if you do this or that.' Worthiness does not enter into unconditional love. When conditions are place on love, it is no longer boundless and free. Those who place conditions on their love do so out of fear. Fear that they may lose their beloved. Fear that they themselves are not loveable. When conditions are place on love then both the one placing the conditions and the beloved become enslaved in a cycle of trying to please one another in order to earn love. This type of enslavement is what most of humanity calls love, romantic love if you will, but it is not the purest love. 

At some point, people seek out something more, something their soul is yearning for. The love that they seek is within them. Each person is connected to The Source. Everyone can connect directly to The Source of unconditional love, love without beginning, love without ending. When each one finds unconditional love within, there is no need to go outside to look for love, but love will be freely available to share with everyone and everything. When they share the love from within, they will find this love reflected back to them in everyone and everything. 

To find the beloved, you must become the beloved. As you become the beloved, everyone and everything everything around you reflects love, unconditional love. This is your true nature. Love is the essence of who you are. Love is your origin. You are created from the purest love, unconditional love and you are returning to the purest love. This love is Tao, it is The Source, it is The Way. Become love to receive love. Give love and love will be returned to you many times over. Connect to the purest aspect of who you are and you will find love reflected all around you. 

You are most love and most blessed

The Source.'

Thank you Divine, Thank you The Tao, Thank you The Source for this beautiful message and teaching on unconditional love.

With greatest love



  1. i thank you dear Lenore for sharing this flow from the Source. this has brought deep change and deeper levels of understanding and a shift in being ... CBDs, CBDs, CBDs, Ty, Ty, Ty, Ly, Ly, Ly.

  2. Thank you dearest Lynnea. I am so honoured and blessed to share this message from the Source. This message has deepened my own understanding of love and how we as human beings often limit our own experience of love. We are so deeply loved and blessed beyond our imagination. Love you! Thank you Divine, Thank you the Tao and Thank you the Source. CBCBCB


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